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motormindz has joined forces with Airbus Group – a global leader in aeronautics, space and related businesses – to develop and manage transferable technologies and manufacturing processes being made available to the North American automotive industry.

Under the scope of this engagement, Airbus Group Technology Licensing has appointed motormindz as its exclusive North American licensing partner. motormindz will combine their expertise within automotive along with Airbus Group’s patented technologies and know-how in areas such as lightweight structures, advanced electronics, guidance systems, displays and manufacturing processes, combined with Airbus Group engineering support, to develop tailored solutions for automotive companies.

“The motormindz partnership reinforces our commitment to the important North

American market,” said Wulf Hoeflich, Head of Airbus Group Technology Licensing. “motormindz’ automotive expertise and local market knowledge expands Airbus Group’s opportunities to offer customized licensing solutions that will serve the needs of new automotive partners.”

As an operation of the Airbus Group’s Corporate Technical Office, Airbus Group Technology Licensing makes available a wide range of the company’s proven technologies from across its Airbus, Airbus Helicopters and Airbus Defence and Space business units, as well as the Airbus Group Innovations research and technology network.

“Airbus Group offers a critical resource to potential automotive partners in North America,” according to Jeff Van Dongen, CEO of motormindz. “Through licensing proven technologies developed and implemented by Airbus Group in the aerospace industry, partnering automotive companies can take advantage of advanced innovative technologies while continuing to focus on their core automotive businesses. Adopting proven technologies from the aerospace industry will save time and money for automotive companies.”

About motormindz

With a team of approximately 30 executive-level subject matter experts spanning across the automotive industry, motormindz develops disruptive solutions to solve critical business challenges, increase efficiencies and improve sales. motormindz focuses on all verticals of the automotive sector – including manufacturing, retail and fleet – advising companies in the areas of technology discovery, integration and product development and commercialization.

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