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UNIQUE & DIVERSE. We are global industry and technology experts, working together in a time of rapid innovation and change. The unprecedented reach, experience and connections within our team uniquely qualifies us to immediately assess a situation across multiple verticals, then divine and integrate a solution using the latest technologies.


Troy McLean{{br}}SVP, Bus Development

25 years of experience in OEM sales, marketing, business transformation, information technology, agency and management consulting operations gives Troy a unique vantage point on digital marketing programs, change management and technology integration.

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Kevin Smith{{br}}Senior Partner

Kevin combines his comprehensive industry knowledge with creative thinking to develop innovative brand solutions. A veteran of J. Walter Thompson, Campbell-Ewald and Doner, he has led countless strategic projects including brand platform creation for Ford and Chevrolet.

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John Gaydash{{br}}Senior Partner

John held critical roles in GM’s finance, planning, program management, and sales and marketing divisions. John also held executive sales and service positions at the Vehicle Production Group and Saab Cars North America, and managed the Allstate Insurance Auto Dealer Program.

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Dave Nathanson{{br}}Managing Partner

Dave has been a dealer principal and global consultant. He connects the supply base, engineering, production, distribution and forensics with leading OEMs, retailers, industry vendors, ERP DMS and dealer distributor specialty application systems.

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Peter Dhama{{br}}Senior Partner

A retail automotive leader in strategic marketing and sales, Peter worked with BMW, Mini, Mercedes Benz and Acura to launch four brand new franchises is six years and relocated one. he has held leadership positions that transition from Logistics, Rent a Car, Hospitality and Technology.

Bruce Rzentkowski{{br}}Senior Partner

Bruce was a Principal of the Hub automotive retail group and served on several National Dealer Councils, Executive Committees and as President of his Dealer Association. Bruce knows what sells at the dealer, group and national levels and creates operational efficiencies.

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Michael Kuppe{{br}}Senior Partner

While with J.D. Power & Associates and Atlante, Michael led a global clientele through strategic and tactical Sales, Marketing, Market Research, Customer Satisfaction, Quality, Process and Performance Improvement projects using a data-rich approach to drive results.

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Ross Roberts{{br}}VP, Enterprise Solutions

For 20 years Ross managed licensing, merchandising, and advertising programs for Numerous OEMs, successfully integrating strategic initiatives into OEM Sales and Marketing plans, including Land Rover GEAR, The Jaguar Collection and the relationship between FDAF, Ford Racing, and NASCAR.

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Ron Vieira{{br}}VP, Enterprise Solutions

An expert in sales, customer training, consulting and marketing experience, Ron worked closely with dealers, groups and OEM’s during his tenure at Reynolds and Reynolds. Ron creates strong relationships and identifies solutions in the B2C and B2B automotive sector.

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Carrie Burgan{{br}}Senior Mgr, Operations

With a background in education, small business, Human Resources and events, Carrie uses her operational and organizational experience to drive growth, maximize investment and increase employee satisfaction and retention.

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Lisa Oullette{{br}}Tactical Execution Mgr

An enthusiastic and innovative professional, Lisa uses her experience in supply chain management, customer relations and administration to create process improvement and implementation.

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Rudi Thun{{br}}Industry Advisor

Rudi is Chief Operating Officer at Roadster, and works with us as an advisor on consumer engagement. After beginning his career as a manufacturing engineer at Ford, he was the Head of Vehicles at eBay Motors, and VP of AOL Autos and

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Wayne Ussery{{br}}Industry Advisor

With a deep background in sales, service and marketing, Wayne has been an executive decision maker at the Jim Ellis Automotive Dealerships since 1997, designing and building systems, processes, and functions to extend the digital reach of this billion dollar enterprise.

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Wayne Townsend{{br}}Industry Advisor

Highly versed in international manufacturing, engineering, sales, service and marketing, Wayne understands the implementation of global retail business processes and measurements. He set the industry bar for customer treatment, which still stands today.

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Ivana Kalafatic{{br}}Industry Advisor

A marketing strategist, content manager, and forger of multi-disciplinary alliances, Ivana has helmed strategic global projects for GM, Bentley, BMW DesignWorks USA, Audi, Nissan, Porsche and Lexus.

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Bob Williams{{br}}Industry Advisor

A former US Air Force Captain and a 35 year specialist in dealership operations and consolidating national dealer advertising associations, Bob is focused on dealer workshops for leadership, management and training, currently serving as president of the NADA-24 joint venture.

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